RX-DD-ASK-F Asker F Digital Durometer for Polystyrene Foam

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Asker Durometer
Conforms to Asker / JIS Specifications
Asker C Type durometer is commonly used in checking the hardness of rubber material found in gym shoe soles.

Conforms to Asker / JIS Specifications
Asker C, Asker CD, Asker F & Asker JA models available

The Asker C Type durometer is commonly used in checking the hardness of rubber material found in gym shoe soles. The Asker F Type durometer is primarily used to check the hardness of polystyrene foam. Analog and Digital Models available.


  • Available in analog and digital models
  • Precision construction
  • Custom made carrying case
  • 0-100 Point Scale

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ModelPrincipal StandardsIndentor DesignSpring Load [g]Size & Shape of Presser Foot [mm]
Height [mm]Shape0 Degree100 Degree
JAJIS K 6301(Type A)2.5435-Degree. Truncated Cone 0.795585544 x 18 (rectangular)
JCJIS K 301(type C)1004,500
AJIS K 6253
JIS K 7215
ASTM D 2240
ISO 7619
ISO 868
(Durometer Type-A)
DJIS K6253
JIS K 7215
ASTM D 2240
ISO 7619
ISO 868
(Durometer Type-D)
30 Degree Cone Tip Radius 0.104,533
BASTM D 2240 (Durometer Type-B)56821
ASKER CSRIS 0101 (SRIS: Society of Rubber Ind., Japanese Standard)2.545.08 dia. Hemisphere55855
ASKER CSASKER CS10 dia. Circular Cylinder 1004,50050 dia. (Circular)
ASKER FPASKER FP15 dia. Circular Cylinder10020050 x 37 (Oval)
ASKER FASKER F25.2 dia. Circular Cylinder5545580 dia. (Circular)


 Model F
  • Urethane Foam
  • Sponge
  • Non-woven Fabric
Model FP
  • Powder Puff
Exclusive type for foam materials, allowing measurement by placing the tester on the object of measurement. In addition to Model F, Model FP is available for powder puff.
 Model C & Model C2
  • Soft Rubber
  • Urethane Rubber
  • Sponge
  • Wound threads (yarn package)
  • Rolled Films
  • Potter's Clay (Kaolin)
Model C is intended for hardness measurement of Soft Rubber, sponge, foamed elastomers, wound threads(yarn package), rolled films, potter's clay(kaolin) and other such soft materials.
For even softer materials, Model C2 is available.
 Model CS
  • Polystyrene Foam
This features larger indentor and a more strong spring compared to Model C, thereby making it more suitable for polystyrene foam.
 Model A
  • Rubber in general
  • Softer plastics
Has been used for wide applications since being standardized in the ISO.
  • Rubber in general
  • Softer plastics
A hardness tester which conforms with the Japanese Industrial Standards JIS K 6301. One of the most popular types in Japan, but has recently been gradually replaced with the ISO-specified Type A.
 Model JAL
  • Rubber in surfaces)
Especially useful for recessed and/or smaller measurement areas. In addition to the standard Model JAL, long presser foot type are available for another Model applications.
 Model B
  • Semi-rigid Rubber
  • Unglazed pottery clay
It uses the same spring load used in Model A. It adopts a conical indentor similar to that of Model D, so as to be applicable to harder measuring objects than can be measured by Model A. It is useful for hardness measurement of unglazed pottery clay and ceramics in green condition.
 Model JC Semi-rigid RubberModel JC has those hardness testers described in JIS K 6301 as 'suitable for samples found to have a hardness value above 70 according to Model A'. It features higher resolution for hardness measurement of hard rubber.

Model D
  • Hard Rubber
  • Plastics
Similar to Model A, this model is defined as 'Durometer Type D' as described in various domestic and international standards. It is in widespread use for hardness measurement of plastics and hard rubber.

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RX-DD-ASK-F Asker F Digital Durometer for Polystyrene Foam $1,495.00



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