Rex OS-2 Durometer Test Stand
Rex OS-2 Durometer Test Stand

Rex OS-2 Durometer Test Stand for Type A, B, E and O scale durometers
Eliminates operator error
Manufacturer: Rex
Warranty: One Year
The Rex OS-2 compact operating stand for durometers in the A, B and O scale is used in conjunction with our Durometers to eliminate operator error sometimes associated with shop floor durometer testing. The stand features a load weight for the proper testing pressure as noted in ASTM D2240, and a quick-lock column for easy adjustment. It can be used with either the provided specimen holder or the optional O.R.F.-1 O-Ring Fixturing Set (sold separately).The OS-2H features an a dampener that lowers the durometer at the same rate for each test, resulting in superior repeatability for all durometer test.

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